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Getting Started with Nightwatch

Everything you need to know to set up your account.

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Keyword Tracking

4 articles

Nightwatch Demo

A video with a complete setup of our tool and a walkthrough on most of the features

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SERP Preview

SERP Preview helps you to rewind your historical data

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Nightwatch Data Studio Connector

3 articles

Connecting Google Analytics and Google Search Console

How to connect GA and GSC to Nightwatch?

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Local Tracking

How to track your keywords locally?

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Backlinks Tracking

How to identify, monitor and control all your backlinks?

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Graphs and Segmentation

Using powerful segmentation to take your SEO campaigns to the next level

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Creating reports

How to create, schedule, and export reports

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Site Audit

How to get an exhaustive website analysis?

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Frequently asked questions about Nightwatch

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Adding Users

How to add users to your account and set different permissions for them?

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How to white-label your interface and reports?

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Managing Your Account

How to activate, upgrade, or cancel your Nightwatch subscription

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Metrics and Rankings Explanation

What metrics and rankings are there and how to customize your columns to show them

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Nightwatch API

Find out more about our API options.

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Nightwatch Chrome Extension

How to use Nightwatch Search Simulator

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Inaccuracy and Troubleshooting

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Nightwatch tutorials

Check out our tutorials that will hep you set up your account and use its features!

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Nightwatch Blog

Find more techniques that will help you be more efficient in SEO analysis

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Privacy policy and terms of service

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