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What is Nightwatch?
What is Nightwatch and why should I use it?
What is Nightwatch and why should I use it?
How Nightwatch works and what it can do for your business.
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Nightwatch is an all-in-one SEO tool that will help you grow your organic traffic, track your most important keywords, demonstrate the values of your SEO efforts, and drive more sales for you with its rank tracking, site audit, and reporting tools.

Nightwatch features

With Nightwatch, you can:

Why is Nightwatch special?

We are the most accurate global & local rank tracker on the market

Nightwatch is designed to save SEO professionals hours of time by making accurate ranking data more accessible.

Nightwatch aggregates data from all major SEO and search sources from Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, and other popular SEO sources, turns it into beautiful, easy to export professional-looking reports for clients.

We can access any Google Data Center on the planet

Most rank trackers just use the random Google Data Center that they’re assigned to track rankings. This means that sometimes the same keywords pop up at different positions for the same query.

We have the ability to access any Google Data Center, and when Nightwatch detects anomalies (like keywords appearing or disappearing), it cross-references everything and makes sure you’re getting the most accurate data.

We can simulate any location that affects SERP

We’ve also developed a new way of scraping location data that affects search results, and we then use it to simulate any of those locations in search requests.

This means Nightwatch’s ranking data has higher accuracy when tracking keywords locally, plus gives you the freedom to experiment with the impact of location on keyword rankings so you can find the sweet spot that works for your website.

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