1. Reading Dashboard

After you added your first keywords, you will be redirected to your keywords dashboard: there, you can have an overview of your website performance: average position, search visibility, keyword distribution, and which keywords went up or down. You can change the time interval in the calendar section in the top right corner.

How is the average position calculated?

Average rank or adjusted average rank is a sum of all rankings divided by the number of keywords that you’re tracking for a particular URL or website. For a better representation and comparison, we use a maximum search depth ranking (100 in most cases) for the keywords that are not ranking anywhere in the searched results.

How is the search visibility index calculated?

The search visibility index is a metric representing the percentage (values between 0 and 100) of potential conversion traffic a given keyword (or set of keywords) has based on their ranking. Rank #1 is considered to be 100%, the rest of the ranks ratios being proportional to their average CTR values.

CTR rates that we use for calculating click potential and search visibility (as of Dec 14th, 2018):

CTR Rates

2. Setting Up the Columns

Moving on: one of the great assets of Nightwatch is the ability to customize the columns and display preferred data. As different SEO experts are interested in different kinds of information, we came up with this concept to make tracking more transparent and efficient. You can choose between different metrics.

- The list of all metrics and data dimensions you can track is here: Metrics Explanation.
- To learn more about SEO metrics, check out our article on 6 Overlooked SEO Metrics for Growth.

To set up a custom column view, follow the next steps:

1. Click on the pencil icon in the column header to open the menu.
2. Choose the data that you want to see in the column.
3. Repeat for all columns you'd like to customize.

The first default column, Rank, shows the best rank from all tracked rank types. If, for example, your Local Pack position is higher than your Organic rank, it will be selected for the main rank (position):

Nightwatch will refresh your rankings on a daily basis, always before midnight UTC.

- Rankings don't show up? Take a look here: Website Isn't Ranking?
- Don't see the same results in your browser? Take a look here: Rankings Are Inaccurate? or read our article on Why Your Search Engine Rankings Are Inaccurate.
- If you are tracking keywords locally, take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Tracking Local Rankings.

3. Adding More Keywords

If you would like to track keywords in multiple locations, in different languages or search engines, there is no need to create a duplicate URL: Nightwatch is designed to track just one URL of a kind. We don't recommend tracking multiple URLs because it has some system disadvantages: not being able to look at the overall stats for all the keywords data, consuming the keyword quota queries multiple times, duplicated data, and more.

The location, language, and search engine settings are applied at a keyword level, not on a URL level. So, you can track each URL once -- but add separate keyword lists with different settings, e.g. location. Nightwatch will show these settings in your main keyword list so that you know which keyword is which:

To track keywords in multiple locations, search engines, or languages, you should add your keywords to your URL again, this time with different settings:

1. Click the "Add Keywords" button above your keyword list.
2. Paste your keyword list in the box and check the settings: e.g., a different city, language, or a search engine.
3. Click "Add keywords."
4. Repeat the process for all the locations, languages, or search engines you wish to track.
5. Set up Views (filters) to organize your keywords, so that it's easier to track — more about this in Step 3.

4. Deleting Keywords

To delete a certain keyword, you can click on the arrow down on the right side of the keyword list.

In case you would like to delete them in a batch, you can filter out the ones you would like to delete, mark them and click on the 'Actions' button and 'delete.

Our system determines the optimal time for updating the rankings, and all rankings are refreshed on a regular daily basis, in a 24h interval.

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