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Why is my website not ranking for any of my keywords?
Why is my website not ranking for any of my keywords?
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When a website is not visible well on search engines - e.g., when the website is not ranking for keywords that are commonly used on Google, it is very likely to happen that our algorithms won't be able to discover keywords for your site. This usually happens when the website is new or when it has a poor authority (is poorly optimized) on search engines.

But don't worry: it is already great progress to know it! It looks like the site's SEO needs to be improved. As soon as your site gets a better authority, it will show up ranking in Nightwatch.

In that case, you should perform manual keyword research with tools like Google Keyword Planner and start monitoring and optimizing the website for the relevant keywords (we recommend starting with long-tail keywords as those are the easiest to rank for).

To learn more, read our article on How to Diagnose and Fix Rankings, Drops, and Fluctuations.

Nightwatch updates rankings every 24 hours, and the pages are picked up as soon as your website starts to rank.

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