You can create a Global View where you can list down and track all the keywords across all URLs account-wide and show you the overall aggregated statistic.

With this, you can create Global Views for specific filtered keywords taken from different URLs, only specific URLs, and much more. You can apply criteria depending on what you would like to achieve.

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Steps to create a Global View

Here are the steps to create a Global View:

  • First and foremost, create a new Group (if you prefer) where you'll be storing your preferred Views:

    Image 2021-06-24 at 2.39.34 PM

  • Just click the "+ Create View" button at the bottom of your left sidebar:

  • You will then be taken to the dashboard where you can start to filter keywords and save it as a Global View:

  • Once you have saved the Global View, it will appear at the left sidebar with an eye icon:

Reading and exporting the Global View data

To read the Global View dashboard, simply click on its name at the left sidebar of your front page:

Screen Recording 2021-06-24 at PM

You can also export your Global View into a report by clicking the "Open Report Builder" button found on its dashboard page:

You can read more about it here to understand how our reports feature work: Reports

Edit a Global View settings

To edit Global View settings:

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  • Click into the specific Global View,

  • Click "Settings" at the bottom-left,

  • Click "Group" to change to a preferred group

  • Click "Name" to change the View's name.

Delete a Global View

To delete a Global View, click on the "Delete view" button found in the View's settings page:

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