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Organizing your URLs in Groups
Organizing your URLs in Groups

How to organize your URLs that belong together into Groups

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Why do I need to create Groups?

Groups are folders for your URLs. They provide an easy way to organize your URLs that belong together.

A good organizational practice would be to group together all URLs or websites for the same client or the same niche. The client organization approach is also used for sharing the access to your client's sub-users that you can manage on agency accounts.

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Creating a Group

To create a group, follow the next steps:

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  • Click "+" in the top left corner of the sidebar,

  • Enter the group name in the pop-up window,

  • Click "Save."

After the last step, a new empty group will be created and will be shown in the left sidebar. To put the URLs in it, you can add them directly.

Moving URLs between Groups

To move or edit existing URLs between groups, follow these steps:

  • Select a URL you'd like to move in the sidebar,

  • Click "SETTINGS" below in the sidebar,

  • Assign a URL to a new group.

Note: One URL can only belong to one group.

Deleting a Group

You can delete a group by following the next steps:

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  • Select or hover over a group you'd like to delete in the sidebar,

  • Click the pencil icon next to its title,

  • Click "Delete".

⛔️ WARNING: when you delete a group, the URLs assigned to the group including all the keywords will be deleted permanently from your account.

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