To make your company appear more professional, Nightwatch provides an ability to white-label your interface and reports. You can customize the name of the tool, logo (used in the interface and reports), and domain.

Like other agency features, the white-label interface is supported on Optimize, Agency, and Custom plans by default.

Enabling White-label Support

To enable white-label support on your account, follow the next steps:

  1. Click on your username in the top-right corner and go to "Settings,"
  2. Choose "White-label" in the left sidebar panel,
  3. Set up white-label options:
  4. Enable the option "Enable white-label branding for my account."
  5. Enter the new subdomain where you want to be able to access the tool,
  6. Enter the name of your company,
  7. Upload the logo(s),
  8. Click "Save."

Setting Up the Domain

You can use any subdomain to mask our default URL (see above section about entering a new subdomain into our tool). To make this work, you will need to set up a CNAME record on your subdomain to point to on your server-side. If the new subdomain doesn't work after you configure it, you should wait a couple of hours usually required for the name servers to propagate the change.

You can check if the name servers are successfully propagated by going to a DNS Checker such as, set it to CNAME, and then search for your subdomain. If you see that it is successfully pointed to in most locations, it means that it is working now.

Name of the Company

The "Company name" setting will be used as a replacement for the Nightwatch name (in the website title, emails, etc.).

Logos and White-label Reports

You can upload multiple logos. The logo set to default will be used as a replacement for the Nightwatch logo. The other logotypes can be logos of your clients and shown as options when exporting the reports.

The recommended format for logo is .PDF with transparent background and with 280px width and 50px height size.

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