Views, or keyword lists, are a powerful Nightwatch functionality, which makes it possible to filter keywords based on their properties dynamically. You can use Views to segment keywords by search volume, ranking change, tag, or any other data aggregated or stored in Nightwatch.

If you track keywords in different locations (cities), languages, or search engines, it would be useful to create Views that separate keywords based on that.

Here's how you do it:

1. At the left sidebar of your website’s dashboard, under “Keywords,” click “(+) New view.”
2. Under “Filters,” create a view based on the different “Fields” and their relevant “Conditions” based on your specific segments. The definition for each field is discussed here.
3. To save this specific filter, click “Save.”

We also prepared quick video guides to get you started:

If you would like to learn more about segmentation techniques you can use in Nightwatch View, check out our guide on How to Use Segmentation in SEO to Dominate Your Niche Markets.

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