Nightwatch allows you to tag each keyword to label their different characteristics to observe them separately.

You can tag them in the batch once you add them. Just click on a little + under the keywords field as shown below:

You can also add tags after you already added your keywords to the tool by following the steps below:

1. Go to the keywords list of a chosen URL,

2. Update one of the columns to Tags,
2. Click on a tiny + sign in the column next to the keyword that you would like to assign a tag to enter the tag:

You can choose multiple already added keywords and assign tags in a batch by following the steps below:

1. Go to the keywords list of a chosen URL,
2. Use filters to filter out the keywords you would like to tag,
3. Mark all and click on Actions and choose Assign Tags (or Remove Tags if you would like to remove them) from a dropdown:

Practical Use: Branded vs. non-branded keywords

You probably already know that branded keywords (the ones that include the brand name or a variation of it) have completely different characteristics in terms of user behavior and rankings. They have the highest CTR and rankings and the lowest bounce rates. Because users already know that they are looking for your brand specifically, branded keywords should be treated very differently.

The first thing we should do is differentiate the keywords: this will help us understand our search engine trends and behavior. The easiest way to accomplish this in Nightwatch is to tag them as branded and non-branded and then visualize them on a View based on their tag.

Read more about this in our blog: How to Use Segmentation in SEO to Dominate Your Niche Markets.

Check our tutorial video on Youtube:

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