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Importing Keywords from Google Search Console and Discovering New Keywords Automatically
Importing Keywords from Google Search Console and Discovering New Keywords Automatically

How to use Nightwatch to discover and add new keywords automatically.

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Nightwatch facilitates a seamless start to your keyword tracking journey by showing you the list of auto-discovered keywords and enabling you to import keywords from Google Search Console to start with.

Pre-requisite: Ensure your Nightwatch account is connected to Google Search Console for best results.

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Reviewing initially auto-discovered keywords

As soon as you add your new URL to Nightwatch, you will see the list of first discovered keywords in Step 4 of your onboarding process.

Like this:

You can review them, change the settings (per keyword or in a batch using the actions above the list), leave them as is, or even delete them from the list and completely add your own.

Import your Keywords from the Google Search Console Account

The second option that Nightwatch offers, if you don't have a full list of keywords ready, is importing your keywords from Google Search Console.

This is a great way to kickstart your analysis with data already available from your website's performance on search engines.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Click Import Keywords from Search Console when adding keywords to Step 4 of your onboarding process or after clicking + Add Keywords when adding keywords to an existing URL.

  • If your Google Account is not connected yet, you will be prompted to connect it now,

  • After connecting your account, you can review all the keywords on the import wizard. You can select " Import All ", " Select Specific Keywords ", or " Select Another Account " to import from.

  • And voila! You have your first batch of keywords that you can start optimizing for.

Continuous discovery of new keywords

As your website grows, Nightwatch remains vigilant in discovering new keywords to help broaden your SEO horizon. These newfound keywords can be reviewed in the Discover Keywords section, ensuring you stay updated with new terms associated with your website, competitors, and market trends.

The discovery process leverages insights from your website, competitive analysis, and particularly the data from Google Search Console (ensuring it's connected will yield the best results).

Whenever Nightwatch identifies a new keyword, you will receive a notification. To review these keywords, simply navigate to your website's overview and click on the Discover Keywords button.

Keyword suggestions notifications

When new keywords are suggested, you will also receive notifications on new keyword suggestions at the top navigation bar:

💡 Our Auto-discovery feature retrieves estimated rank data from Google Search Console, displaying your page's average position when it appears in the search results. Therefore, you might notice a discrepancy in the rank when you add the keyword to Nightwatch, which will then provide you with the accurate rank for the tracked location.

Also, Google experiments on new sites by occasionally ranking them to see if users are interested in them, which will affect the display of the estimated rank.

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