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Batch Adding and Adjusting Keyword Settings
Batch Adding and Adjusting Keyword Settings

Streamline the process of adding keywords with the Actions button

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Here are the details how to add and adjust keywords in batch mode to enhance your efficiency in managing campaigns.

Steps to Add Keywords in Batch

1. Initiate Addition: Navigate to the keywords list and click the + Batch Add Keywords button located above the list.

2. Enter Keywords: In the popup that appears, enter your keywords. Please ensure that each keyword is on a separate line.

3. Save Keywords: After entering all the keywords, click the Save Keywords button to add them to your tracking list.

Adjusting Settings for Multiple Keywords

Before saving your keywords and adding them to your keywords list, you may want to adjust their settings collectively:

  1. Select Keywords: From the keywords list, select the keywords for which you want to adjust settings.

  2. Actions button: Click the Actions button located above the list to open the settings menu.

  3. Adjust Settings: Make the necessary adjustments to your keywords' settings.

4. Save Changes: Ensure to click Save Keywords again after adjusting the settings to apply your changes.

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