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Why is Rank in Local Pack Not Showing Up?
Why is Rank in Local Pack Not Showing Up?
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If your Local Pack is not appearing as expected, please follow these steps to ensure proper configuration and linkage:

  1. Google Places Registration: Confirm that you have registered with Google Places and have linked it to your website. If you have not registered, please do so at Google My Business.

  2. Accurate Place Name Entry: In Nightwatch, ensure that the exact name of your Google Place is correctly entered in the URL's configuration settings. Discrepancies in the name may prevent the Local Pack from showing.

If the GMB Name of your business is "Amazing Pizza" then you must enter this name in Google Place name:

For detailed instructions on configuring your Local Pack settings, please click here to access our step-by-step guide.

For more comprehensive information, consider exploring our Ultimate Guide to Local Tracking, which provides extensive insights and tips on maximizing your local SEO efforts.

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