Deleting Your Keywords

How to delete your keywords.

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To ensure the effective management of your keywords, you can either delete a single or multiple keywords in bulk. Below are the steps to guide you through both processes.

Deleting a Single Keyword

  • Click on the arrow button at the right corner of said keyword,

  • Click the "Delete keyword" button.

Deleting Multiple Keywords

If you need to delete several keywords at once, follow these steps:

  • You can filter out the ones you would like to delete,

  • Make sure the checkboxes at their left are checked,

  • Click on the 'Actions' button,

  • Click 'Delete'.

❗️Please be advised that keyword deletion should be performed from the 'All Keywords' view. This precaution helps prevent accidental deletions that may occur when dynamic filters are applied. Deleting keywords within these dynamically filtered views could lead to unintended and irreversible data loss.

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