Tracking Rankings on YouTube

How to track YouTube ranks.

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Nightwatch provides a robust platform for tracking the performance on different search engines, including YouTube. Whether you're aiming to enhance your video marketing strategy or monitor the reach of your content, our tool offers detailed insights into how your videos rank on both YouTube and/or other search engines.

How to Track YouTube Ranks

To begin tracking the ranks of your YouTube videos or channels, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Add the Video or Channel URL:

    Access the dashboard and click the blue (+) Add URL button at the bottom-left corner of the page. This action will allow you to input the video URL or channel you wish to track.

  2. Enter the Correct URL Format:

    Ensure that the URL is entered in one of the following formats to guarantee accurate tracking:

  3. Select the Search Engine:

    After adding the URL, you can choose to track its performance on specific platforms. You can choose to track these URLs for their organic ranks on YouTube and Google, respectively by selecting the preferred Search Engine:

Note: Currently, we do not include tracking for Video Snippets on Google. However, we are actively working to introduce this feature soon.

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