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Changing your plan from Monthly to Yearly
Changing your plan from Monthly to Yearly

Change your plan from Monthly to Yearly to enjoy a discount.

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Do you know you can save 20% if you switch to a yearly subscription?

If you would like to take advantage of this great deal, you can change your billing plan on your account at any time!

To do so, please follow the steps below:

For users with our old payment platform

  • Log in to your account,

  • Click the "..." icon in the top navigation:

  • Select Upgrade from the drop-down,

  • Choose "Yearly" plans and click "Subscribe" on your plan:

  • Finalize subscription.

For users with the Stripe payment platform

We're slowly rolling out a new payment platform for users. If you're seeing that the above method and screenshot does not apply to you, then you should be able to upgrade with this method:

  • Access the "Upgrade" page in Nightwatch

  • Click the blue "Upgrade Your Plan" button

  • Click "Upgrade plan"

  • Select a Monthly or Yearly plan to upgrade.

Your pro-rate will be refunded automatically according to the number of days left of your previous subscription.

Please note that we do not grant refunds for the canceled subscriptions due to our terms of service.

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