Updating your payment method

How to update your payment method, and what payment methods are accepted.

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You can change your payment method at any time with the following methods.

For users with our old payment platform

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  • Log in to your account,

  • Click the '...' icon in the top navigation,

  • Choose Upgrade from the drop-down.

  • Click Update payment method,

  • Enter new payment info and click Save.

For users with the Stripe payment platform

We're slowly rolling out a new payment platform for users. If you're seeing that the above method and screenshot does not apply to you, then you should be able to update your payment method with these steps:

  • Click on your user icon in the top right corner,

  • Click "Settings", and then access the "Billing" page of the account,

  • Click the blue "Manage Stripe Billing" button,

  • Click "+ Add payment method" to add your card, and select it as default.

Note: We currently accept Visa and Mastercard for most users. We are slowly rolling the Stripe payment method to all users where it will accept AMEX.

For annual subscriptions for tracking 1000 keywords and above, you can write to us via chat or email ([email protected]) to request a wire transfer for your payment.

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