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Subscribing, upgrading, and downgrading to a plan
Subscribing, upgrading, and downgrading to a plan

How to subscribe, upgrade, and downgrade.

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Signing up for a 14-day trial

If you are new to Nightwatch, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial to see the tool in action. You are not going to be billed during your free trial period. Check this article out to learn more.

Subscribing, Upgrading, or Downgrading Your Plan

To subscribe, upgrade, or downgrade your plan, follow the next steps.

For users with our old payment platform

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  • Log in to your account,

  • Click the icon "..." in the navigation bar,

  • Choose the "Upgrade" button from the drop-down,

  • Choose the plan (remember to select the correct option for Monthly/Annually),

  • Fill in your billing details and finalize your subscription.

Your pro-rate will be refunded automatically according to the number of days left of your previous subscription; if you are subscribed to a monthly plan or if you are subscribed annually, the system will pro-rate days left from your previous subscription to your new subscription.

For users with the Stripe payment platform

We're slowly rolling out a new payment platform for users. If you're seeing that the above method and screenshot does not apply to you, then you should be able to upgrade with this method:

  • Access the "Upgrade" page in Nightwatch

  • Click the blue "Upgrade Your Plan" button

  • Click "Upgrade plan"

  • Select Monthly or Yearly plan to upgrade.

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