Nightwatch helps you to track these rankings from Google search result pages:

  • Organic rank,

  • Local Pack rank,

  • Image Carousel rank,

  • Featured Snippet,

  • Knowledge Panel.

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Tracking Feature Snippets, Image Carousel, and Knowledge Panel Rankings

There are two ways to track your various rankings - specific rank column and Opportunities column - which we will explore below.

Specific rank column

Change your column to a specific rank column by:

  • Clicking the '...' icon on a column of a keyword table,

  • Select a specific rank:

Outside of organic rank, this method is available for Image carousel and Local pack rank.

Opportunities column

You'll be able to see these rankings for a specific keyword by selecting "Opportunities" in the column by:

  • Clicking the '...' icon on a column of a keyword table,

  • Select "Opportunities":

When selected, each icon will display different colors:

  • Dark grey indicates that it is not available as a result,

  • Grey indicates that it is available as a result but not ranking,

  • Blue indicates that it is ranking.

💡 If you don't select "Opportunities" or their specific columns as mentioned above, Nightwatch displays these data under the "Rank" column, where it'll display the highest rank out of the different ranks (Organic, Local Pack, Image Carousel, Featured Snippet, Knowledge Panel). Read more about it here.

You can select the rank types that you want to include in the main keyword rank in the URL Settings:

You can read more about Local Pack Rank in a dedicated article here: Tracking Local Pack Rank

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