New Users

You can start your journey with Nightwatch by having a free trial for 7 days!

To sign up, click on the free trial tab on the top right corner, enter your email and password, and voila! You can start enjoying and exploring Nightwatch with all premium features for 7 days. You will not be billed during your trial period unless you subscribe to one of our plans.

When your trial is ending, you can subscribe to our plans you can choose from on our pricing page.

Tax exemption - If you subscribe as a company, you always need to add your VAT for a tax exemption. If you do not have VAT, you can subscribe as an individual.

Custom Plan

If you want to sign up to track more than 5,000 keywords with Nightwatch, reach out to us, and we will make a custom plan for you! When sending an email to [email protected], you can already answer these questions, so we will able to help you out faster:

1. How many keywords would you like to track in total?
2. How many backlinks would you like to track?
3. Do you have any other requirements, for example, API, white-label, or an ability to add more users to your account?

If you are experiencing any troubles or are unsure which plan to choose, you can always send an email to [email protected], and we will help you out.

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