As of now, the support team will need to update the URL from our side, as there is one consequence that will occur when doing so:

  • SERP Preview will not be working for old keywords.

Not to mention, upon changing, it would seem that all the historical data was added under the newer URL on the UI since the beginning, while in reality, the URL was changed or edited midway. This means that the historical data displayed is inaccurate.


Nightwatch treats HTTP/HTTPS and www/non-www URLs the same.

However, if you have specific reasons to update the URL, please do reach out to the support team and let us know which specific URL you are referring to and the URL to change it to, and we will make the change on our end.

If you need to change your URL, please do reach out to the support team via the in-app chat widget at the bottom-right corner or via our email address ([email protected])

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