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Working with Nightwatch Looker Studio Connector (formerly Google Data Studio)
Working with Nightwatch Looker Studio Connector (formerly Google Data Studio)

Steps to integrate Nightwatch with Google Looker Studio.

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Nightwatch allows you to connect your account with Looker Studio to create dynamic reports of your preference with the data you choose from the tool.

Note: To connect with Looker Studio, you need API access in Nightwatch. It's available on plans with more than 1000 tracked keywords.

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⭐️ NEW ⭐️ available metrics

Besides average position, click potential, and search visibility index, our brand new and updated Looker Studio Connector now supports a wide range of your tracked data.

Have a look at the list below for all available metrics and dimensions:

For Keyword Rankings



Average Keyword Best Position

Keyword Countries

Average Keyword Local Search Volume

Keyword Languages

Average Keyword Position

Keyword Result URLs

Average Keyword Position Change

Toggle Mobile Keywords

Average Keyword Position Type

URL Keywords

Average Keyword Previous Position

Average Keyword's Global Search Volume

Keyword Count


Url Name

For Individual Keyword Performance




Keyword Click

URL Name

Keyword CTR

Keyword Impressions

Keyword Position

Keyword Position Local Pack

Keyword Position Organic

Keyword Position Places

Keyword Position Places Image

Keyword Search Console Position

For Website Metrics



Average Position

Click Potential


Search Visibility Index

URL Name

Steps to connect Nightwatch with Google Looker Studio

1️⃣ Search and Authorize the "Nightwatch SEO Tracker" connector in Google Looker Studio:

  • On the main Google Looker Studio page, click Create.

  • Click Data Source,

  • Search for Nightwatch SEO Tracker,

  • Authorize it with your Google account.

2️⃣ You will also need to enter the Nightwatch API key that you can find in your settings in the Nightwatch app:

  • In Nightwatch, click the Settings icon button at the top navigation bar,

  • Click API access at the left sidebar,

  • Click the blue Generate button to generate the API token:

  • Copy the token and paste it into the Key section of the connector in Google Looker Studio:

  • Click Submit.

3️⃣ Now, select the Metrics and URL from which you want to create your report.

Available Metrics:

  • Keyword Rankings

  • Individual Keyword Performance

  • Website Metrics

  • Graphs

Select URL:

  • In this step, select the URL from all available tracked URLs and click Next:

4️⃣ (Optionally), select the view for more granular reports and keywords when creating a report for the Individual Keyword Performance metric

In this step, you can select the view from the dropdown to create reports based on your segmented sets of keywords. This is optional, and if you want to use the data for the whole URL, you can skip this step.

When creating the Individual Keyword Performance report, select the keywords all the keywords that you want to add from the drop-down:

5️⃣ (Optionally), you can include competitors' data.

6️⃣ Click Connect.

Creating a new Looker Studio report

Now that your Nightwatch account is connected, you can start creating your reports in Looker Studio.

  • From the dashboard with available dimensions and metrics available, click the Create Report on the right-hand side:

  • In the default template, you will see this:

  • You can now drag and drop different metrics into the report and create customizable dashboards.

💡 Please note that metrics are aggregated to sum or average by default, so depending on the selected metric, you will need to adjust it. E.g., if you are adding the Keyword Count metric to the report, you would want to set it to count instead of sum. You can easily change it in the setup tab.

How to create new reports once the initial connection is already set up

  • Create a blank report,

  • Select the Data Source; in this case, it's "Nightwatch SEO Tracker,"

  • Click "Add a chart,"

  • Choose a chart of your preference.


Here are some templates and ideas on how you can create your Looker Studio dashboards using Nightwatch's data:

To learn more, read our article on:
Google Data Studio: How to Bring All Your KPIs on a Single Dashboard

If you have any questions or need help, please contact support.

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