Nightwatch allows you to connect your account with Google Data Studio to create dynamic reports of your preference with the data of your choice from the tool itself.

Note: You will need to have API access in Nightwatch to use this feature, which is made available for accounts subscribed to Optimize, Agency, or custom plans with more than 5000 keywords.

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Steps to connect Nightwatch with Google Data Studio

You'll first need to authorize and set up the Nightwatch Data Studio connector, which involves these steps:

1. Search and Authorize the "Nightwatch SEO Tracker" connector in Google Data Studio:

  • In the main Google Data Studio page, click "Create",

  • Click "Data Source",

  • Search for "Nightwatch SEO Tracker",

  • Authorize it with your Google account.

2. You will also need to enter the Nightwatch API key that you can find in your settings in the Nightwatch app:

  • In Nightwatch, click the "Settings" icon button at the top navigation bar,

  • Click "API access" at the left sidebar,

  • Click the blue "Generate" button to generate the API token:

  • Copy the token and paste it in the Key section of the connector in Google Data Studio:

  • Click "Submit".

3. Now, start tracking Nightwatch data of a specific website:

  • Now, copy the ID of the website in Nightwatch whose metrics you want to track in Google Data Studio:

  • Paste the ID at the "Input URL id" field in the Data Studio:

  • Click "Connect":

Creating a new Data Studio report

You can start creating a new Data Studio report with these steps:

  • You should now see the table with available dimensions in the Data Studio; click on "Create Report".

  • Now, you can start creating reports with the available dimensions. In the default template, you will see two charts:

Here's how to create a brand new report and add a new chart with the Nightwatch SEO Tracker already set up:

  • Create a blank report,

  • Select the Data Source, in this case it's "Nightwatch SEO Tracker",

  • Click "Add a chart",

  • Choose a chart of your preference.

Note: Currently, available dimensions for the URL are: average position, click potential, search visibility index.

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