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SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch (Our Chrome extension)
SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch (Our Chrome extension)
Setting up the Chrome extension.
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Search Simulator Chrome extension from Nightwatch simplifies work for any SEO professional who wants to check positions of websites in Google quickly.

Now you can simulate and save unbiased search requests on Google directly from your browser for any country in the world. No proxy, VPN, or Incognito mode is needed.

Cookies won't get in the way of your queries: we simulate an HTTP request clean of any cookies. We set up location and language with URL parameters without relying on google's auto-location features.

The extension simulates 100 per page result requests at the moment, so you might be seeing slightly different but more accurate results in your Nightwatch account (as it uses 10 results per page). You can learn more about accuracy here: Why are your rankings inaccurate?.

1. After installing the extension, click on its icon in your Chrome menu.
2. Insert your search query, e.g., "Shopify plugins."
3. Set up your country and language settings.
4. Optional: insert your or your competitor's URL that you would like to find, and the extension will highlight it.
5. Click "Perform search."
6. Optional: you may want to save your search for later use.

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