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SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch (Our Chrome extension)
SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch (Our Chrome extension)

Setting up the Chrome extension.

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Search Simulator Chrome extension from Nightwatch is designed for SEO professionals keen on swiftly checking the positions of websites on Google.

With this extension, you can simulate and store unbiased search requests on Google straight from your browser for any global location. The need for proxies, VPNs, or Incognito mode is eliminated.

Additionally, our method ensures that cookies don’t influence your searches: we emulate an HTTP request devoid of any cookies, configuring location and language using URL parameters and sidestepping Google's auto-location features.

Accuracy in Nightwatch Tracker vs. Search Simulator Chrome Extension

When using Nightwatch Tracker and Search simultaneously, you might notice different results.

Different factors influence that:

  1. One of them is that requests via the extension might include headers or location information, which our proprietary scrapers in the Nightwatch Tracker bypass with every request.

  2. Rankings on search engines can fluctuate multiple times throughout the day, while the dedicated scrapers we use snapshot rankings consistently at the same daily interval, offering more consistent values.

  3. The extension might not be as reliable since it doesn't harness all the developed mechanisms essential for location simulation, bypassing personalization and other significant ranking determinants.

Why is Nightwatch tracker the most accurate on the market?

Most rank trackers just use the random Google Data Center that they’re assigned to track rankings. This means that sometimes the same keywords pop up at different positions for the same query.

We have the ability to access any Google Data Center, and when Nightwatch detects anomalies (like keywords appearing or disappearing), it cross-references everything and makes sure you’re getting the most accurate data.

We can simulate any location that affects SERP.

We’ve developed a new way of scraping location data that affects search results, and we then use it to simulate any of those locations in search requests.

This means Nightwatch’s ranking data has higher accuracy when tracking keywords locally, plus it gives you the freedom to experiment with the impact of location on keyword rankings so you can find the sweet spot that works for your website.

How to use the Search Simulator Chrome Extension?

1. After installing the extension (LINK HERE), click its icon in your Chrome menu.
2. Insert your search query, e.g., "Shopify plugins."
3. Set up your country and language settings.
4. Optional: insert your or your competitor's URL that you want to find, and the extension will highlight it.
5. Click "Perform search."
6. Optional: you may want to save your search for later use.

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