Google recently rolled out a new update for Google Analytics (GA4). What does this mean when connecting your GA with Nightwatch?

Working around with the new GA4 and Nightwatch

There are no changes with the old properties you created using the previous version of GA - called the Universal Analytics (UA) properties.

However, if there are properties created with the new GA4 that are not showing up for you in Nightwatch, chances are you will need to create a new UA Property for the URL data to show in Nightwatch.

To do so, you need to click "Show Advanced Options" and enable the option to: Create a Universal Analytics property.

Universal Property_GA4

After that, all your newly created UA properties will show up in Nightwatch so that you can connect them with the relevant URL.

Do I need to start tracking it afresh if I never had a UA property for a specific URL?

Yes. Hence the best way is to create a UA property in GA4 alongside your existing properties to allow you to start gathering data while benefiting from the latest innovations rolled out by Google.

And at the same time, you'll be able to show these data in Nightwatch.

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