Using the Nightwatch API

How to start using the Nightwatch API to build your own system.

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You can use our API if you want to use the app's data for building your own system.

Note: The API feature is only available for accounts tracking more than 1000 keywords.

Generating your API key

To generate your API key:

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  • Click the "..." button at the top-right corner,

  • Click "Settings",

  • Click "API access",

  • Generate your API key.

Start using our API

Our API documentation is available here: Nightwatch API docs. If you are using Postman, you can refer to Postman Documentation.

To pull daily rankings from our API, you first need to add your domains and keywords via the web interface or API calls.

When the domains/keywords setup is done, the process is straightforward - our system will update keyword rankings daily, and you can fetch them at any time using your own system, along with other useful stats.

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