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Creating pinned graphs and sharing your progress
Creating pinned graphs and sharing your progress

Create pinned graphs to easily visualize data and share your progress.

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What are pinned graphs?

Nightwatch allows you to pin your graphs on your front page dashboard that appear right after you log in to your account. This helps you to immediately see what is going on without even going deeper into other pages.

You can filter these graphs based on various metrics, like Average Position, Search Visibility Index, Domain Authority; you can compare data with competitors, backlinks, and much more.

You can also use these pinned graphs to share your progress with your clients or followers.

On this page:

Creating pinned graphs

Here’s how to pin your graphs to your front page:

  • At the front page, click “(+) Add Item”.

  • Right beside a specific website or view, click “Pin Item” to pin it on your dashboard.

  • Once it is pinned, click (+) to your preferred filter. You can select up to 4 series in an item’s filter.

Note: You can only select 4 data dimensions per pinned graph.

This is how your front page could look like:

Sharing your progress

You can share your pinned graphs with your professional network or social followers with a unique and private link. You can even share this link directly to Facebook or Twitter, and it will show an image of the graph as its thumbnail.

Here’s how you can obtain the link:

  • Simply choose the graph you would like to share from your pinned graphs, and then click on the arrow in the right of the specific graph.

  • You can copy the link or directly share it, or you can post the link on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are some of the examples of how your sharing can look like:

1. On a browser:

2. When it is posted on Facebook and Twitter:

iMHSKAGD57S87Yc-tRN9R3XktdLwAE218F9shYhdvfEMAT1OS9x5nOKFkfSKZ0JKJgd2NGsRSzotm6KHZhvyhEwn50q5yqUJZrGOZOlG90yugXV8EPs3xKgIGgy-wl8oUeMkSF4 (627×537)

Best Practices

Most of our clients use pinned items to get a performance overview of all the tracked websites on one screen.

You can customize each graph/URL with important metrics for the client. Here is an example of how your dashboard could look like:

What is more - at every big Google update or change you make to your site, you can add a note to that URL (in the left sidebar), and the note will display in the graph. If you hover over it, you can see the details:

Check out our tutorial on Youtube:

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