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Creating graphs within a specific URL page
Creating graphs within a specific URL page

Create graphs to help you easily visualize your Nightwatch data.

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Why Graphs?

Nightwatch allows you to create as many graphs as you like, and within each of these graphs, the tool allows you to insert multiple data of your choice.

For example, you can visualize your rankings, your traffic from Google Analytics, competitor rankings, and more on the same graph, which makes it easier to spot the underlying changes and patterns.

Creating Graphs

You can create two types of graphs with Nightwatch:

In this article, we'll only explore creating graphs within a specific URL page.

Here are the steps to create a graph in Nightwatch:

  • At the left sidebar of your website’s dashboard, click “(+) New graph”.

  • Click on “Add Dimension” to choose specific data to visualize. You can add as many dimensions as possible.

  • Click a “Period” to track a specific range of time.

  • These steps will create a nice graph for you, and if you want to save it, click “Save”.

  • You can also download it as a PDF file.

Check out our tutorial video on YouTube:

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