Nightwatch can perform Audit Checks to help you find out the various issues with your website and its pages through the Site Audit feature, such as broken links, missing titles, page server errors, and other discrepancies.

This allows you to fix these issues on your website immediately before it starts to affect your website’s performance.

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Using Audit Checks

Here’s how you can filter pages via Audit Checks:

  • Click into your preferred website’s dashboard,

  • Click “All pages” at the left sidebar under “Site audit,”

  • Click “Audit checks” at the top navigation of this page,

  • Filter your website's pages by clicking a relevant category under “problematic” or “warning."

Then, by clicking the ready-made filters under "problematic" or "warning", you can list down all your website's pages that are currently facing that particular issue:

  • If you click on the "magnifying glass" icon at the right-hand corner of a specific page's URL, you'll be able to see its Page Health that will reveal further details of that particular page.

Example diagnosis with Inspect Elements

You can use the Inspect Elements feature in Chrome to confirm any missing tags or other various issues with your website, which you saw in our tool's Audit Checks section.

Let's say if the Audit Checks filter says that a specific page has missing tags, you can confirm it via these steps:

  • Right-click your mouse on your page,

  • Click "Inspect,"

  • Press Ctrl+F to search for the missing tag

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