In the midst of monitoring backlinks, you would come across links that you would want to disavow.

Here's how to disavow backlinks:

1. Filter these backlinks into a preferred list that you would want to disavow. One way is to filter the backlinks to show only "not present" and "dead" links. If so, you can filter them in this way:

  • Select "Status" as "Not Present,"
  • Select "AND" or "OR" depending on if you require these link to match both criteria or only either one,
  • Select "Status" as "Link Dead".

Before deciding to disavow all of them, we would suggest to go through this filtered list and see if there's any link that you may want to fix. If so, you can reach out to the website owners to fix any of those links on their side.

2. Once the list is confirmed, click "Export" to download a CSV report with the filtered backlinks (in step 1).

3. Lastly, open the CSV report and copy the entire column A (the "url_from" column) to a text file. With this file, follow Google's instructions on how to disavow backlinks here.

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