1. I would like to disable backlink discovery on specific profiles; how can I do that?

Nightwatch has a great feature where you can ignore the domains you wouldn't like to get backlinks from. All you need to do is click on your website and go to its settings, and under the backlinks, the tab adds those domains to the 'ignore domains' field.

After that, you would need to manually delete the backlinks from the list by filtering them out by domain name and delete them in a batch.

You can do much more with backlinks settings to fully control them and get only the ones that are important for you (you can pre-filter them or even disable automatic discovery for any of your websites). You can check out Monitoring Backlinks for more details.

2. No new backlinks are being reported / I couldn't add new backlinks. What happened?

It is most likely because you have reached your backlinks limit. You can confirm this by going to your Plans page by clicking "Upgrade" at the top navigation menu and see the "Account usage" section.

You can read further below on how to work around your backlinks limit.

I reached my backlinks limit. Is there any way I can reduce the count of my backlinks?

Absolutely! You can set filters in the backlinks settings:

Backlinks Discovery: You can disable backlinks for a website by toggling off backlinks discovery in settings. If you wish, you can also remove the existing backlinks to get more room.

Ignore Domains: You can ignore the domains you wouldn't like to get backlinks from. This ability is useful for filtering out backlinks from websites that could fill up your backlinks limit, for example, link farms.

Backlinks Prefilter: You can set up a powerful prefilter that will filter out your spam backlinks before they even appear in your account.

You can read more about this topic here (under the Backlinks Settings section of the article).

4. Can I add backlinks manually?

Sure thing! In case you already have a list of backlinks (either existing ones or prospects) that you want Nightwatch to monitor and update their status periodically, you can add them by clicking on the “Add Links” button.

5. I need to increase my backlinks limit. How can I do that?

Every subscription plan comes with a specific global backlink limit for your account. Once the limit is reached, Nightwatch will stop automatically discovering and adding backlinks to your URL. To check your current usage and upgrade your subscription to include more backlinks, visit the subscription plan page.

6. Is there any way to export my backlinks?

To export your URL's backlinks into a CSV file, click on the "Export” button. If you configure filters, the export will be filtered as well.

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