1. How can I add a new URL to Nightwatch?

1. Click the "Add URLs" button on the bottom of the sidebar.
2. You can match domains and/or nested URLs as well.
3. Enter the URL (or multiple URLs, by toggling "Add multiple" on and adding them one per line).
4. Set up your country and language — we will use these to discover keywords for the URL later.
5. Set up your Google Places listing if you'd like to track your Google My Business rankings.
6. Click "Next."

2. How can I add new keywords to Nightwatch?

1.Click on 'Add keywords" under the desired URL,

2. Choose the search engine where you want to track the rankings,

3. Set up your country and language,
4. Enter the keywords (one per row) or use the 'auto-discover' button in the keywords field,
5. If you wish to track keywords as on mobile devices, toggle it on,
6. Optionally, set the location settings for tracking; if you would like to track your keywords locally,
6. Click "Next.

If you would like to track keywords in multiple locations, in different languages, or search engines, there is no need to create a duplicate URL: Nightwatch is designed to track just one URL of a kind. We don't recommend tracking multiple URLs because it has some system disadvantages: not looking at the overall stats for all the keywords data, consuming the keyword quota queries multiple times, duplicated data, and more.

3. Can I refresh rankings manually?

Our system determines the optimal time for updating the rankings, and all the rankings are refreshed on a regular daily basis (in 24h intervals). We don't encourage on-demand updates and custom update times because they add to anomalies of the data when rankings are refreshed in irregular intervals. The best way to ensure the highest accuracy and reduce anomalies in the data is to ensure that all keywords are updated regularly. That is one of the reasons why our tool is more accurate and preferred by most experts.

4. What is the search depth that Nightwatch scans?

By default, we track the top 100 results, but we also support tracking the top 200 results. To enable this mode, please get in contact with us.

5. Can I change desktop tracking to mobile without adding keywords again?

To ensure there is no discrepancy in the data, you need to add your keywords again.

To track the desktop and mobile rank, you will need to add all keywords twice, one with mobile and one with desktop settings. This is required as tracking a keyword with a different configuration requires us to track the keyword separately.

6. Why do I get these error messages: base Keyword limit exceeded when I try to add new keywords?

You are getting this error message because you have reached the limit of keywords in your plan.

To add more keywords, you would need to upgrade to the bigger plan. To do so, please:

1. Log in to your account and click "Upgrade" in the navigation bar,
2. Click the "Subscribe" button on the desired plan,
3. Fill in your billing details and finalize your subscription.

Your pro-rate will be refunded automatically according to the number of days left of your previous subscription; if you are subscribed to a monthly plan or if you are subscribed annually, the system will pro-rate days left from your previous subscription to your new subscription.

7. How can I track keywords in other countries as well? I've selected one, but I want to add a few other countries too?

Sure thing! With Nightwatch, you can track your rankings in different countries/cities/regions. You would need to add keywords for each country/city/region separately because each keyword with different settings would count individually since the system has to make separate queries for them, even if they are the same keywords.

For example: "personal attorney" tracked in the US, Canada, and Australia, would count as three separate keywords.

8. Can I track my Youtube channel in Nightwatch?

Sure thing! You can add your Youtube videos links or your Youtube channel link to Nightwatch. If you add the channel link, the tool will pull the data from all the videos in the channel. You can track them on Youtube and Google.

Please note that in the Google search engine, Nightwatch is tracking organic rank for your videos only. We might add video section tracking in the near future. If you have additional questions, please write to [email protected]

9. How can I delete a keyword from my list?

To delete a certain keyword, you can click on the arrow down on the keyword list's right side.

In case you would like to delete them in a batch, you can filter out the ones you would like to delete, mark them, and click on the 'Actions' button and 'delete.

10. I'm trying to delete the keyword, but it always appears back on my list. What's the problem?

The reason why you can't delete these keywords is that you have limited access. You can add and delete only keywords that you added.

In this case, one of the admins on this account would need to delete these keywords.

11. How do you measure the Top 3, 10, and 100 in keywords distribution?

The keyword distribution section shows you how the keywords that you track are distributed after the last update.

For example, if you click on 'Top 3', you will see only the keywords ranking in the first 3 places on your keywords list. If you click on 'Top 10', you will see all the keywords ranking on the first 10 places and so on.

Under the Keyword Distribution in the Overview section and your keywords list below, you see how your keywords are distributed on the current day. Therefore, if you choose date ranges like last day, last 7 days, last 14 days, last month, ,etc., you will see all the keywords and their distribution on the current day.

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