Nightwatch allows you to add different URLs, whereupon adding, allows you to view and add various keywords, backlinks, site audit, and traffic data under their own separate dashboards.

Here's how you can start adding URLs:

First and foremost, click the "Add URLs" button on the bottom of the left sidebar as shown above. Once you do so, our wizard will guide you further with next steps:

When you insert the new URL, you can also choose to match subdomains and/or nested URLs. If you check both "Match Subdomains" and "Match Nested URLs", the tool will track and show their data, and yet count as only one URL on your plan limit:
Subdomains -,, etc.
Nested URLs -,, etc.

  • Enter the URL (or multiple URLs, by toggling "Add multiple" on and adding them one per line).
  • Set up your country and language — we will use these to discover keywords for the URL later.
  • Set up your Google Places listing if you'd like to track your Google My Business rankings.
  • Click "Next."
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