How to create and customize reports?

You can use intuitive, customizable drag-and-drop reports to export data into three formats: PDF, CSV, and HTML.

There are three report templates you can use and customize:

  • Basic report
  • Progress report 
  • Competitor report 

Each report consists of elements, or "blocks," and you can add, remove, and rearrange them as you find convenient. For example, you can add a graph or backlink overview of your report.

Creating a Report

To create a report, follow the next steps:

  1. Choose a URL or a View,
  2. Click "Export report" button in the top-right  corner  of the dashboard,
  3. Choose the date interval and report format and customize your columns,
  4. Include other elements if needed,
  5. Click "Export," and the report will be generated.

As well, you can schedule reports from your URLs and View for you and your clients. You can easily access all reports in the top bar by selecting the Report icon.

Creating reports for a specific view

In Nightwatch, you can export reports only for specific views. All you need to do is to choose the view that you previously created in the keyword list:

Reports for the Group of URLs

You can export reports for all the URLs in one Group. All you need to do is to create a Global View and export report from that view. When creating the global view make sure to choose all the URLs that you would like to export data from, using Nightwatch's filters. For example:

Once you create the view, just click on Reports in the left sidebar and customize it per your needs.

Before You Export Data

Before you create a report, make sure that the keywords you are trying to export have been added for more than 1 day and have data to show; otherwise, a report will appear empty.

White-label Reports

We also provide the ability to customize the logo (to your company's or client's logo) on the reports for users who have  white-label enabled on their account. White-label functionality is supported on Pro plans by default.

Check our tutorial on Youtube:

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