What Rankings Does Nightwatch Track?

Nightwatch is parsing the following features from Google search result pages:
  1. Organic rank,
  2. Local Pack rank (first 3 places),
  3. Image Carousel rank.

By default, to adhere to the principles of search visibility, Nightwatch tries to combine these types of rankings into the “main” position, which is the ranking metric used in reports,  keyword lists, average rank, click potential and other metrics

The rule to determine the main keyword rank is the following:
  1. Get the Organic rank, Local Pack rank and Image Carousel rank from the keyword’s SERP,
  2. Compare them and get the best one (select the minimum) and write in the main rank. Or, if described with a mathematical function: min(Organic, Local Pack, Image Carousel).

Here’s an example: 

In this case, the Local Pack position is better (has a lower value), meaning it will be selected for the main rank (position):

However, depending on your SEO preferences, you might want to avoid this behavior and track only organic rank for the main keyword rank. To opt-out of other SERP features influencing your main rank and reports, you can disable this in your URL settings:
The new behavior will come into effect after saving the settings and it won't be applied to historical main ranks. 

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