SERP Preview

SERP Preview provides an easy way to rewind and review your historical data. This feature allows you to see how your historical rankings compare to your competitors.

Here’s how you can use SERP Preview on your Nightwatch account:

1. Click the "SERP Preview" icon on the right of a keyword.

2. By default, Nightwatch will display results from the previous month, but you can easily select a specified time frame by clicking on the calendar icon in the top-right corner of the SERP Preview graph.

* NEW * SERP Preview 2.0* 

With this updated feature, you can now monitor changes in your rankings, meta description and title on search result pages for every search result. This will help you to understand how ranking text is affecting your results and enables you to see how rankings of your competitors changed.

How does it work?

Once you open the SERP Preview, you can select a date to compare against the current SERP Preview results. You will now see the following:
1. The ranking position changes on the left

2. The changes in the title and meta descriptions

If there’s a change in the description, the old section is marked with a light-red background and the updated section with a light-green one. It also highlights words in dark-red to indicate those words were removed and highlights words in dark-green to indicate those words were added.

 3. Results matching your domain will have a yellow background:

Please note: Dates available for selection in the calendar are available from the date the keyword was added to 1 day prior to the current result. For newly added keywords with no prior day results, you won't be able to select a day in the calendar. 

Check out our tutorial on Youtube:

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