FAQ: Competitors Rankings

1. How can I add new competitors to my URL?

Use our Competitor Discovery tool to find some competitors for you — or insert their links manually (in URL's settings). If you would like to track their Google My Business and Google Carousel rankings, make sure to fill these fields in.
You can track up to 5 competitors on Trial and Starter plans, up to 10 — on Pro 1000 and higher, and 20 — on Pro 5000 and higher.
You can always tweak your competitor list in your URL settings.

2. How can I see my competitors' rankings?

To activate and see the competitor data, follow the next steps:
  1. Click on a pencil icon on a column of a website where added competitors,
  2. In the bottom of the list you will see the competitors name, and choose one of its dimensions:
  • Rank,
  • Last change or
  • Day / Week / Month change.
Make sure that you wait for 1 day before you try to access the competitors' data (as Nightwatch will need to do another crawl to start tracking competitors).
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