How to set up Local Tracking?

When you search for global and non-localized results, you only see so-called organic results, but when we search for local results, Google shows you a specific region with a map and top 3 results (called Local Pack Rank) and the rest is organic. 


How to set up Local Pack Rank Tracking in Nightwatch?

Below you can see steps on how to track Local Rank Pack in Nightwatch. 

1. Create a Google Place

If you don’t have Google Place for your business yet, you can register here.

2. Configure Place Tracking

You will need to configure the name of your local place under the website settings.
You can do that by following the next steps:
  1. Open the appropriate website and click “Settings”,
  2. Enter your place name in “Local Place name” field - make sure you enter the exact place name,
  3. Click “save”.

Local Place settings in Nightwatch

You will be able to see different types of rankings in the keyword list by customizing the column cells:

Column customization in Nightwatch

Clicking on the pencil icon on a particular column: there you can choose any type of the rankings to be displayed: organic, local places, image carousel, etc.

In the rank column, the highest rank will always be displayed. If it is going to be a local ranking, it will be indicated with an icon like this:

Local Pack rankings in Nightwatch

3. Using the Exact Location setting

Additionally, you could set exact local location by which your keywords should be tracked.

You can set up the exact location by enabling “Track location by city, region or zip code“ option when adding the keywords to Nightwatch:

Exact location setting in Nightwatch

Important note: Make sure you always configure the exact location when tracking a keyword that does not include the location name - for example, sushi. If you don't do that, Google will determine the location by itself, which may not be the same as the area you want to track. Therefore the results won't be accurate.

Check out our tutorial on Youtube: 

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